Harley Street Healthcare Clinic

Harley Street Healthcare Clinic

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Welcome to Harley Street Healthcare Clinic

Founded by Dr R Danapal MBBS, DRCOG, MCIM, FIMSA, in 1987, the Harley Street Medical Clinic's GPs, Specialists and support staff have provided private health care services to thousands of patients spanning over three decades.

​The Harley Street Healthcare Clinic caters to both a National and International clientele, across the private, corporate, diplomatic and international business community. Located in the heart of Central London's exclusive Harley Street medical community, the clinic offers world class medical care through a range of private and confidential clinical services including Family Healthcare, Child and Family Psychiatry, Cosmetic Therapies, Comprehensive Health Screening, Hypnotherapy and Advanced Cardiovascular Profiling. The clinic meets the wide and diverse healthcare needs of their clients through over three decades of clinical excellence.


  • The highest quality treatment in a private, relaxed and friendly environment.
  • We offer a flexible service with a range of walk-in or pre-booked appointments.
  • Our services are available to everyone, irrespective of registration with an NHS doctor, private medical insurance or domicile or visitor status.
  • We offer expert advice, from primary to preventative care through a team of fully qualified multi-disciplinary practitioners.
  • We work with dedicated referral practitioners, clinics and hospitals, should you need more specialist input into your care.